Disinfectants are among the most customer-preferred detergents and the reasons for this are many. They are harmless, extremely quality and with lasting effect. Their efficacy and reliability are also guaranteed by the relevant certificates issued by the Ministry of Health. MOLLOX manufactures all its products with human care and in accordance with the leading environmental standards.
The excellent results achieved with them make them a successful solution for sanitation of public buildings such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, administrative or office complexes, malls, hotels. Of course, we also recommend them in spa centers, saunas, jacuzzis, baths and toilets, in cosmetic and hairdressing studios.
They are alcoholic and ЧАС based, they disinfect instruments and accessories in the above-mentioned premises. The products are non-cancerous and do not cause irritation or allergies, they have excellent tolerance.

  • LM – Broad-spectrum Disinfectant, fragrance – free

    LM Broad – spectrum fragrance free disinfectant
    for disinfection of eggs, utensils,
    floors, surfaces and equipment in
    kitchens, food industry, kindergarten,
    hospitals, offices, social establishments.
    It also possesses good cleaning properties.
    The product has held a license from the
    Ministry of health.

  • ZID – Alcoholic disinfectant without subsequent rinsing

    ZID – Alcoholic disinfectant without
    subsequent rinsing for disinfection
    of hands, surfaces and tools.
    The product is licensed by
    the Ministry of Health