Kitchen hygiene

The requirements to kitchen detergents are extremely large and it is perfectly natural – the place where food is prepared should not be compromised in terms of cleanness. In general, pollutants are primarily of organic or biological origin, but this does not exclude greases or stains with chemical ingredients as a result of damage to kitchen or other machinery / devices. Mollox degreasers are recommended for the treatment of appliances such as aspirators, hotplates, ovens, stoves or convectomats. You can use them to clean cooling cases, bathtubs, freezers or refrigerators. Remember – all electrical appliances should be disconnected from the mains beforehand.
The high quality we guarantee allows you to use your kitchen hygiene products in daily washing of grills, pans, trays and utensils, as well as for wiping floors and kitchen countertops.

  • ALKALI’MOL 50 – Convectomate cleaning product

    ALKALI’MOL 50 – Convectomate cleaning product
    for such with automatic self-cleaning system.
    The product can be applied manually by heating the
    respective device in advance. ALKALI’MOL 50 can
    be used as a common degreaser.

  • GastroLine K3000 Forte – Alkaline, gel degreaser

    GastroLine K3000 forte – Alkaline, gel degreaser
    for general and specific
    cleaning in kitchens. Its density
    allows to be smeared on vertical
    surfaces. For cleaning of trays, pans, hobs, grills, stoves,
    ovens. Hot surface accelerates
    the power of its action. In its diluted form
    it can be also used for complete cleaning
    of kitchens.