• Comol SIEGEL – Universal polymer sealing for solid floors

    This is an excellent detergent for solid flooring at an extremely affordable price!
    Regardless of the “load” of the floors and the intense movement on the floor, the coatings are kept clean for a long time. Milky white in color, with no pronounced smell. Treatments with it give optimal protection of floors of rubber, PVC, linoleum, natural and artificial stone, incl. mosaic and granite.
    Ph value (conc.): ~ 8
    Packing: 10 liter tube
    Dosage: Attention! The preparation is ready for use and does not need to be further diluted.
    Keep the product container closed.
    Store in the original package between -5 ° C and 35 ° C.

  • прах за пране - Молокс БЪЛГАРИЯ

    Washing powder – BASIC


    PH(1%): 11 – 12

    Density: 0.95 g/l

    Package: BIGBAG 950 kg

    Stock available: 2 pcs.

    Price: 320 EUR / pcs.