Universal detergents

Universal Mollox branded detergents truly justify their name – they are applicable to all surfaces, floors and panels of different materials.
Depending on their concentration, they can be used for capital cleaning and can be used daily. Their efficiency is guaranteed and you do not need to use a higher concentration when removing dried or stubborn stains. Each Mollox product has a label detailing the different dilution steps. Observing instructions will make cleaning a quick and effective process with a lasting result. Detergents are less foamy, making them compatible for use in floor cleaning equipment, atomizers and others.
Universal detergents are successfully used to remove grease of organic and artificial origin, various oils, dust, inks and paints. They are completely harmless and can be put on washing sponges or mops.

  • Comol SIEGEL – Universal polymer sealing for solid floors

    This is an excellent detergent for solid flooring at an extremely affordable price!
    Regardless of the “load” of the floors and the intense movement on the floor, the coatings are kept clean for a long time. Milky white in color, with no pronounced smell. Treatments with it give optimal protection of floors of rubber, PVC, linoleum, natural and artificial stone, incl. mosaic and granite.
    Ph value (conc.): ~ 8
    Packing: 10 liter tube
    Dosage: Attention! The preparation is ready for use and does not need to be further diluted.
    Keep the product container closed.
    Store in the original package between -5 ° C and 35 ° C.

  • LOXOL BLAU – Universal, weak foaming for floors and surfaces

    Universal cleaner for “washable” vacuum cleaners and machines, extremely suitable for treatment of any alkali-resistant surfaces: plastic, glass, window frames, metal and chrome nickel elements, lighting fixtures, carpets, fabrics, workshops and machines. Almost does not make foaming, which allows outdoor and indoor use. Can be applied in car cleaning and in sanitary facilities. Blue color and fresh odor that lasts long. Compatible with other detergents and disinfectants. Its formula is completely harmless to the machines which would use it.
    Ph value (conc.): ~ 10
    Packing: 10 liter tube
    Dosage: From 2% to 30% in 10 liters of water
    Keep the product container closed.
    Store in the original package between -5 ° C and 35 ° C.
    Price: 10 l – 36.00 BGN without VAT

  • SOPANOL – Universal foaming product for floors, surfaces

    SOPANOL – Universal foaming product
    with strong action. Contains
    ingredients protecting materials from
    corrosion! For use on floors and surfaces
    of extremely wide spectrum of action. Using this
    product you can not confuse anything!