Mollox Bulgaria offers to its customers PRODUCTION OF PERSONAL CLEANING PRODUCTS. Here you can order your own personal means of cleaning. Our team can carry out a variety of products in the field of household and industrial cleaning, car cosmetics and the light and food industry.
To make it easier for customers who want to place an order, we have provided this form. Please, fill in the data required and we will receive your inquiry. We will then contact you to clarify the details. Please contact MOLLOX Bulgaria for any questions you may have.

These unique products have been developed and produced in the laboratories of MOLLOX CHEMIE GmbH – Germany, they are of the same high quality as any of the MOLLOX brand products. You can be fully confident in their effectiveness. WHAT WE CAN WE ACTUALLY DO FOR YOU:

1. Consultation on the type, content and volume of the order. Our specialists will give you guidance on how to choose the most appropriate product for your business. We will offer the right components for creating a product that will be efficient and harmless and will respond perfectly to your needs.

2. Consultation on choosing the right packaging. Depending on the purpose of products, they must be stored in different type of packaging.Count on our cooperation in choosing the right size, dispensers, accessories.

3. Packaging design and labeling. Besides the qualities it possesses, a product should also impress with its appearance. The team of MOLLOX Bulgaria has professional graphic designers who will create a unique vision of your product. If you operate in the hotel or restaurant business, you can not help but assessing such a proposal. The back of each product has its label with chemical composition, instructions for safe use.

4. Delivery of your order. After making your individual product, MOLLOX Bulgaria will deliver it to an address in Bulgaria.

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