MOLLOX – CHEMIE GmbH was established in 2003 in Germany.

The company specializes in the production of professional detergents under the same brand. . From the very beginning, it has followed high production standards and MOLLOX branded products were quickly established as a benchmark in the field of professional cleaning, disinfection and professional hygiene. The company has also developed its own production, thus also offering being able to also offer products based on specific consumer requirements. These individual orders have been particularly sought after by customers who want to have a unique design and content of their items.

The first TOP Product

Shortly after its creation, MOLLOX developed and produced its first TOP Product „Sopanol“ immediately received positive consumer feedback and that excellent product was more than successful on the German market. The interest in the other products of the MOLLOX product range was growing, and every subsequent proposal was strengthening the brand among the industry leaders.

Meanwhile, the variety of laundry and other detergents was getting bigger and at present the company has had a wide structured network offering over 700 products.


The scopes of activity of MOLLOX GROUP comprise:




The sectors covered by the company are:

  • Car cosmetics
  • sites of the light and food industry
  • commercial sites
  • establishments
  • public and residential buildings
  • laundry detergents
  • household and professional chemistry
  • кconsumables…

MOLLOX GROUP has had two companies – in Austria (MOLLOX AUSTRIA) and Switzerland (MOLLOX SCHWEIZ).

MOLLOX BULGARIA, based in Varna, is a subsidiary company that has been developing its activities on the Eastern European market, imposing the high quality cleaning and disinfecting products of the company.

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