A product for basic cleaning of sanitary facilities, without color and with pleasant long lasting fragrance. Successfully removes stains and deposits of organic (rust, limestone, soap) and biological (body fat, urine) origin. Chromium-nickel and sanitary appliances friendly in bathrooms and toilets.
Available in concentrated form for basic cleaning, as in a more diluted form it is suitable for everyday use. Sanitizes and prevents the recurrence of limescale deposits and rust. The product is compatible with other disinfectants on the market. After use, it dries quickly and leaves no traces. Foaming is likely to occur during treatment.

Ph стойност (конц.): <1.0 Available form: 10 liter tube Dosage: 25 - 100 ml in 8 liters of cold water. For severe dirt up to 1000 ml may be diluted in 8 l cold water. Rinse with plenty of clean water after treatment. Surface treatment: Apply Flash on a clean cloth or non-abrasive sponge. STORAGE Keep the product container closed. Store in the original package between -5 °C and 35 °C.