Cleaner with alcohol concentration. Suitable for
flooring, planes and various surfaces. The high alcohol content eliminates swathes quickly and efficiently. During use, it forms a glossy film on planes and after cleaning, forms a protective film that keeps surface and allows it to be treated by other mechanical means. Compatible with materials such as glass and plastic. It contains antibacterial agents.
After cleaning it can be wiped with a microfiber or normal cloth.
Dosage: Depends on the degree of dirt of the contaminated surface
Typical concentration: 1: 400 (25 ml per 10 liters of water)
Also suitable for spray
Maximum concentration:
01:50 (200 ml per 10 liters of water)
Available in 10 liter tubes in the form of concentrate.
pH (conc.): ~ 7.0
Keep the product container closed.
Store in the original package between -5 °C and 35 °C.