Highly effective cleaning product for sanitary and wet rooms. Color – purple. Gel-like with very good penetration into joints, corners. Efficient and long-lasting cleaning of limestone and rust formations, removes scale and stains of biological origin. Recommended for cleaning of sinks, shower cabins and bathtubs, bidets, urinals and toilet bowls – all sanitary ware in bathrooms and toilets. Repeated use prevents the formation of deposits such as limestone, rust and mold.
It dries quickly and leaves no traces. Treated surfaces can be wiped with a cloth. Not recommended for marble or limestone.
20-100 ml for 8 liters of cold water.
For heavy contamination up to 400 ml can be used in 8 liters of cold water.
After using Ultra, thoroughly rinse with clean water. When using a sprayer, be sure to clean it under the edge of the sanitary ware. Then wash thoroughly with cold water.
pH (conc.): ~ 2.0
Packing: 10 liter tube
Keep the product container closed.
Store in the original package between -5 °C and 35 °C