You are on the site of MOLLOX BULGARIA. Our company is a representative of MOLLOX GROUP – one of the leaders in the market of professional laundry and cleaning detergents and services focused on personal and public hygiene. MOLLOX (with branches in Austria, Switzerland and Bulgaria) develops its international activities in the field of production and distribution of detergents and consumables oriented to capital cleaning, maintenance and disinfection of sites in the light and food industry, public and business buildings, residential buildings. The wide range of activities of the company includes products for public laundries and car dealership

Cleaning and laundry detergents and disinfectants have been developed in the modern laboratory of MOLLOX – CHEMIE GmbH, Germany. The production base has been also developed entirely for the needs of the company. The collaboration with leading European and global manufacturers of dosing products allows us to offer unique products without analogue in the market.

The Bulgarian representation offers its clients the best products and services of MOLLOX GROUP. With us you can order high quality professional products and equipment for your home, office, commercial site or hotel. We have the potential to produce a cleaning product according to your individual needs and requirements.

Contact us and order your detergents (for cleaning or laundry).

MOLLOX BULGARIA is an innovative and modern company, which, ever since its establishing, has been developing according to the rules of professional ethics and observes the best European standards of customer service.

For nearly a decade, we have been partnering successfully with leading hotels, luxury establishments, and food and beverage factories to maintain a high level of cleaning and hygiene. The trust of our clients requires us to be always competitive in the service.

MOLLOX BULGARIA has been an Associate member of VHRA (Varna Hotel and Restaurant Association)

Contact our team, to us cleanliness is a matter of professionalism!

High quality products

Effective and easy to use in the areas of:
Surface hygiene
Kitchen hygiene
Industrial hygiene
Textile/fabric hygiene

Installation of dosing devices

Doser / dishwasher pumps
Laundries systems
Foaming agents for food industry
Mixers for office buildings and hotels

Training of service personnel

Working with professional detergents
Knowledge of “A and B” in hygiene
On-site training
Critical Points training
Problem solving